A private sewer lateral connects the interior plumbing of a home or business to the public sewer districts. The private sewer lateral extends to the edge of the right-of-way. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the entire lateral even if a portion of it is under the pavement. Public sewers are usually under the roadway or on easements crossing private property.

Sewer problems are not only messy, but they can prove to be a health hazard if they are not properly addressed. Aging sewer lines can often cause backups because of several reasons.

  • Roots intrusion
  • Heavy sludge build up
  • Mis-alligned joint

Roots are very common problem for sewer lines constructed prior to the early 1980s. This is because these sewer lines are built using vct (Vitrous Clay Tile) pipe. Clay tile pipe is ceramic mull. These come in 3-4 foot length and its multiple joints are downside. These materials detoriate overtime allowing water to escape, beginning an underground "drip system" attracting tree roots. Once tree roots get between the joints, they continue to grow and causes offsets and breakage of the pipe.

Conventional sewer repairs used to involve costly excavations, repair of the pipe and restoration of the excavated area. Not only this type of repair is expensive and time consuming, but it also causes extensive damage to the surrounding property and landscaping.

Now using trenchless technology, trenchless innovation offers home owners and alternative solution to replacing sewer lines faster without serious property damage.
  • Avoiding digging manual trench
  • Saving your landscape
  • Avoid breaking concrete/driveway/walkway
  • Saves time