Everest Plumbing was recommended by our realtor to provide a sewer later estimate for our home purchase in Berkeley. They were fast and efficient and set a high standard for all of the other contractors that we came in contact on our renovation since. No one has even come close! Everest Plumbing actually did our sewer work later and also helped us to move a gas line for our gas dryer.  They are very reasonably priced and reliable. Two attributes that I'm finding rare in our renovation project. I recommend Everest Plumbing very highly.

Linda H.  


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The company is great! Upon buying a home and moving to El Cerrito my wife and I needed to get a new sewer lateral completed. I am not sure what the deal is but when we were getting quotes, we had some super flaketastic plumbers out there. Anyway Everest was amazing. They show up when they say they will. Their work is fantastic and they offer a very competitive price. Our job was not at all easy as it entailed pulling up part of a porch, running a line across the street and digging a trench in the drive way of our neighbors across the street and digging a trench in the drive way of our neighbors across the street. No small chore. I cannot recommend the company high enough.

Ned N   










Everest Plumbing replaced my sewer line, including the street lateral. Part of the line had to be dug up and part was done by the trenchless method. The work was excellent. They showed up on time, the price was reasonable and exactly what I was quoted it would be, and they cleaned up the area so you would never know any work had been done. I highly recommend this company. They can be trusted to do the job right. 

Clara L